Commercial property investment is arguably one of the most rewarding forms of investment as it offers investors security that is often superior to that of the volatile stock market and commodities.



Blog Item Feb 8

House Prices

A report by Halifax Bank shows that house prices have risen to their highest levels in a year, coinciding with an ease in mortgage rates. 

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Blog Item Feb 1

UK Interest Rates

Today, we have heard that the Bank of England, a regulatory body of all Banks in the UK, will hold interest rates at 5.25%, with a decline in interest rates expected to come later in the year.

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Blog Item Jan 10

Banks Cut Mortgage Rates As Competition Intensifies

At long last some relief for those facing higher bills.

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Blog Item Nov 29

Renters are forced into smaller and smaller homes

According to new data, hundreds of families around the UK rent homes smaller than they were renting three years ago.

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